Online meetings of Macedonian team, held between the mentor, the coordinator and the peer educators from PEACO prject

RROMA within the project of the ERGO network “Peer education to counter antigypsyist hate speech online” (PECAO)  Supported by Google.Org Impact Challenge on Safety After the selection of peer educators from Macedonia, every two weeks the mentor and the coordinator hold online meetings with their 5 peer educators.


The online meetings discuss the educational workshops as well as the monitoring ones conducted and maintained by 5 peer educators in Macedonia.


It also discusses the emotional state and problems faced by peer educators as well as their target groups during monitoring and educational meetings. Peer educators from Macedonia actively hold their educational meetings and regularly follow the media as well as social networks for sharing and announcements related to the topic of hate speech.


This year our last meeting was on 22.12.2020, we will continue with the same pace next year.